Words of Hope

Good News. No Boundaries

Be on the Lookout

by: Alissa Coldwell

One Sunday, a preacher asked the congregation, “How many of you believe that Jesus Christ will return in your lifetime?” Looking around the room, he noticed that about one fourth of the people in the pews were raising their hands. He was incredibly troubled at this, but it also sheds a great deal of light on our walk as Christians. If we do not believe that Christ could return at any moment, whether it is in the next 40 minutes or 400 years, how likely are we to live full of zeal with oil lamps ready?

Paul recognizes that there are many snares in the world that can keep us from our inheritance in God’s kingdom so he urges us to pay attention. Because these days are evil, it is all too easy to get tripped up, so we need to keep focused on God and the coming kingdom. God has given us this time to be examples to the world of what the kingdom is supposed to look like. One way that Paul instructs us to do this is by speaking encouraging words to each other. We cannot be afraid to speak about faith to fellow Christians or those outside of the church; there is only so much time left.

Read through these verses again and see how Paul’s warning speaks to your life. Is there something you need to change or someone who needs to hear the good word?