Words of Hope

Good News. No Boundaries

Tunes of Praise

by: Jessica Bratt

A recent study measured the joy that listeners experienced when they heard various sounds. The winning sound? A child laughing. It won out over music, birdsong, and the sound of waves crashing. It’s further evidence, I think, that human beings are God’s best handiwork in the created world.

The joyful movements described in Psalm 100 come alive for me when I see children captivated by music and singing, their bodies praising God through the irrepressible urge to dance with delight. They are blissfully free of the self-
consciousness that limits the expressiveness of most older folks. The noise of children isn’t always delightful, of course, and those who spend time around adolescents might note that their musical preferences are not necessarily filled with joyful praise.

Whether it is a song of joy on our lips, a lament of confusion or pain, or even a cry for help, our voices are heard by the compassionate God who remains steadfast from generation to generation. Even when one generation struggles just to find a basic understanding of another, Christ the living Word holds it all together, assuring us that God understands our deepest hopes and biggest worries. The pain- and praise-filled song of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection invites us into the embrace of a God whose love can transform and redeem us beyond our imagination.