Words of Hope

Good News. No Boundaries

The Creator’s Love

by: Jessica Bratt

This psalm beautifully describes how we are designed and sustained by a loving Creator. It can evoke pain, though, for those who struggle with a loved one’s bodily challenges. A tearful mother recently lamented, “why would God knit my baby together this way in my womb?” We were standing over the crib of her infant daughter who was born with multiple abnormalities, and whose first eight months of life had been spent in the hospital having one corrective surgery after another. The awe of beholding how “fearfully and wonderfully” we are made can have a parallel of deep sadness when a diagnosis or injury leads to major limitations or even a shortened life.

God knows us intimately even before we are formed: “your eyes saw my unformed substance.” This doesn’t resolve the questions of why things unfold as they do, questions we or our loved ones may struggle with when facing physical or cognitive losses. But it does reveal that God is steadfast and present to us through all of it. Our bodies are the physical expression of who we are, but they do not tell the whole story. Every one of us bears God’s image, no matter what circumstances shape our bodily lives. And as anyone whose life has been impacted by a special needs child or adult can tell you, a person does not need to have full physical or cognitive abilities, or even a long life, in order to make a meaningful mark on the world.