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Eastertide: All We Need to Know

by: Jon Brown

The Belgic Confession, one of the historic confessions of the church tradition to which I belong, says this about the Bible: “that everything one must believe in order to be saved” is sufficiently taught in it. The Belgic Confession echoes John’s testimony concerning his own Gospel: “These are written so that you may come to believe.” John acknowledges that he could have included more if he had the space; however, his Gospel contains everything we need to know for salvation.

The Bible testifies elsewhere that the depths of God’s character, the mystery of God’s sovereignty, and the height of God’s knowledge cannot be completely realized. God is bigger, and better, and more than we can ever know. There are questions about God and life and faith worth asking that the Bible does not always answer, and at times when it does answer, we do not always have the capacity to comprehend what is written. We may not know all we want to know, we may not have all of our questions answered, but we do know all we need to know for salvation. That is what John sets out for us in his Gospel: “These are written so that you may come to believe.”