Words of Hope

Good News. No Boundaries

God: The Sender Who Chooses to Use Us

by: Doug VanBronkhorst

Lord, Jonah is going to Nineveh, but he is anything but grateful.

He was thankful enough to be rescued from the sea.

Yes, but that’s all. He doesn’t want to deliver your message. He is determined to do it as quickly as possible. His hatred for Nineveh will be obvious. There could not be a worse messenger!

My Word doesn’t depend upon the messenger. I don’t need Jonah’s help. I want it, not for my sake, or Nineveh, but for Jonah. He needs to learn. He doesn’t understand why he’s on the earth, why he was called to be part of Israel, or why they’re my chosen people. Most importantly, he doesn’t understand me. He knows my law and judgment, but he doesn’t see their deeper purpose. Jonah doesn’t know mercy and grace.

Except when he was drowning! Jonah is a slow learner as well as a terrible evangelist.

Yes, but all my servants are flawed. I’m not done with him yet. Jonah thinks he’s better than the Ninevites. He thinks I’m in his life just to meet his needs. He needs to learn it’s my work, not human effort, that saves people from their sin, and no one can earn or deserve my salvation.