Words of Hope

Good News. No Boundaries


by: Jon Brown

One of the earliest lessons I learned as a little boy is also one of the most basic impulses of the Christian faith: share. Share everything. Share often. Share with anyone. Some people throughout the history of the Christian faith are called by God to give away everything they have. Most of us are not and do not. All of us, though, can share—in fact, need to share. The earliest Christians shared with one another in such a way that if one had a need, another would meet it so that all had what they needed. Somehow in the sharing, in the giving as there were needs, the early believers ended up having “favor with all the people” (v. 47).

I am not sure that much has changed. When so many in our world have so much while so many others have so little, the church can share. In a cultural context that celebrates those who have the most and make the most as if they are the most, ours is the invitation to share. Share in order to meet real needs and nurture goodwill in your community in Jesus’ name. Is there anything that you can share today?