Words of Hope

Good News. No Boundaries

Too Much Pain?

by: Joy Zomer

Have you had days where the weight of the world was on your shoulders? Or times when worrying seemed to heighten all emotions? As a missionary and now as a teacher, the stories of others are a large part of my daily activities. Listening, caring, offering advice and comfort—a day can easily be filled with these actions. Often the deep pain and sadness that accompanies these stories can bring me to tears. At times the burden of others’ sorrows weighs me down and seems to be more than I can carry. Yet I know I am not alone.

In our Scripture, Esther offered herself as a human sacrifice. Her reaction to Mordecai when told about the pain of her people was not to simply try to fix it, but to offer herself. She didn’t simply look to appease the pain, but to resolve it. She committed to being active in seeking a solution and put herself in harm’s way to make it happen.

God calls us to live authentically and bring the weight of the world to his feet. We can do this . . . with his help. We can offer the peace that comes from knowing that no matter what comes our way, God is present. He sent his Son to give us a healing balm for the failures of our human world. We need look no further.