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Packaged in Skin

by: Andrea Poppleton

Christmas gets celebrated in many secular ways. From retail giants to corner store businesses, merchandizers entice us to spend lavishly during the holiday season. We gladly oblige, justifying our actions with this rationale: God gave us a gift at Christmas, so now we give each other gifts. While it is true that Jesus was the best gift ever given, the gift of Jesus was quite different from the gifts we give to each other. Think about the packaging: no wrapping paper, no box, no tape, and no ribbons. Instead, the greatest gift ever given was packaged in skin. Think about the contents of the package: no gaming system, no clothing, no jewelry or toys. Instead, the gift that came in Jesus Christ was his very presence.

Our justification for giving gifts isn’t too far off base. It makes sense to celebrate God’s great Christmas Gift by sharing gifts with each other. But our gifts might better reflect God’s gift to us if they were packaged in skin.

What might a gift “packaged in skin” look like? Maybe it looks like an afternoon spent ice skating with your kids. Or like a weekend of hosting your grandchildren. Or like a regular lunch date with your adult son. The neat thing about skin is that it can take many forms. As you work on your shopping list this year, brainstorm ways you could give gifts of your presence. The gifts you give that are “packaged with skin” most reflect God’s gift of Jesus.