Words of Hope

Good News. No Boundaries

Son to Slave

by: Carol Bechtel

If Joseph had written in his diary during that part of his service in Potiphar’s house, what might he have said? DIARY: When I first got here it was hard not to be depressed. I just couldn’t believe I was in this situation. One day I was Jacob’s favorite son, and suddenly I was Potiphar’s new slave. I missed my dad. Sometimes I even missed my stupid brothers. Most of all I missed feeling like I was someone with a bright future. And yet, things are looking up. I can’t seem to help doing my best, and Potiphar has come to rely on me completely. It’s a far cry from the life I had, but it’s enough to make me wonder if God still has plans for me.

If Joseph had written in his memoirs years after this experience, what might he have said? MEMOIR: I won’t sugarcoat it: that early time in Potiphar’s house was hard. The only thing I’d brought with me from my previous life was my faith. And yet, that faith was not unfounded. God kept nudging me to do my best—to work hard. I remembered how my dad, Jacob, had gone through so much as a young man, but with God’s help had always seemed to land on his feet. Maybe it would work out well for me, too. In retrospect, I can see that even when I felt abandoned, God was with me every step of the way.