Words of Hope

Good News. No Boundaries


by: Adam Stout

The words “team project” generate excitement for some people. Those same words make others feel like running out of the room. Why? Because team projects involve broken people.

Whatever we think about team projects, God has called us to be part of one. It’s called the church. We’ve been asked to work together to share God’s love from city to city, coast to coast, to the ends of the earth.

God has beautifully illustrated how we can work together. In Genesis, the Holy Spirit is “hovering over the face of the waters,” joining the Father in his work of creating the world. But that’s not all. In John 1 we read that Jesus, the Word, was also present in the beginning. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Christians call these three in one the Trinity) were all present and active in the work of creation. Exactly how? We can only imagine. But we know the end result of their teamwork: a world that is “very good” (Gen. 1:31).

Working with others, in church or otherwise, is not always enjoyable for us. Sometimes I find myself saying, “God, people on this team are mean, insensitive, lazy, and generally hard to work with.”

In those times, perhaps God says, “Hmm . . . that description fits you, too, son. But I still want you on my team.” God is a gracious team leader, don’t you think?