Words of Hope

Good News. No Boundaries


by: Lee DeYoung

The outreach of Jesus’ disciples was still focused exclusively on Jerusalem when they recognized the need to appoint deacons to assist in the administration of congregational care. This inspired division of labor enabled the twelve apostles to devote themselves more exclusively “to prayer and the ministry of the word” (v. 4). As a result, the number of believers multiplied at an even faster rate—including a great many priests who left their former duties to become obedient to the faith (v. 7).

Even today, religious leaders from other traditions have experienced similar transformation when they encounter Jesus Christ. A Hindu priest from the state of Madhya Pradesh in India recently wrote to our Words of Hope ministry there. “As a Hindu priest I strongly opposed Christianity. But my own personal and family life was full of problems. One day a Christian brother gave me a copy of the New Testament and a radio schedule which included your Hindi broadcasts. I began listening the very next day. My appreciation for Jesus grew stronger day by day. In 2009 I took water baptism along with my wife, who has also accepted Jesus. Since then, almost all my problems have disappeared and I have a strong feeling of joy and peace in my heart. I now read the Bible and listen to your radio program without fail.”