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Jonah: Stubborn to the Bitter End?

by: Doug VanBronkhorst

I know the fire and brimstone aren’t coming, but I’m staying just in case I’m wrong and God does what I want. Okay, if I’m going to sit here for a month, I’ll need some shelter. Not much shade on this hill. Thank God for that vine! Look how fast it grows!

Wouldn’t you know! I got up this morning and the vine is dead. It’s hot beyond belief out here and now my best shade is gone. Not much chance another vine will grow, either. Nothing is good or right about this place! Nothing has gone right for me in a long time. If only God had not told me to go to Nineveh. Here I am, with these pagans, for no good reason. I went through that awful experience with the storm and for what? Nineveh gets to break all of God’s laws and go free; I get to give a worthless message, then be hot, tired, hungry, and alone. And I don’t have a right to be angry? Really? My life is so miserable in every way, I would be better off dead, like this stupid vine.

How is it that God gives compassion, love, and goodness to Nineveh, but leaves me a little short in those areas?