Words of Hope

Good News. No Boundaries

Back to the Basics

by: Dan DeGraff

When Moses sent a group of spies into Canaan, most of them returned with the report, “We are not able to go up against the people, for they are stronger than we are” (Num. 13:31). Forty years later, after what seemed a much more perilous mission, Joshua’s spies returned to report that God had given them the land. God was giving Joshua and his men courage, but he was also causing their enemies’ hearts to melt in fear.

The Israelites had not become stronger militarily. They had not figured out something new. No, God’s people had gone back to the basics. They had relearned what it meant to trust God and believe he would follow through according to his Word. God had revealed himself to them as well as to their enemies, and each side took notice in its own way.

Are there areas of our faith or worship where we are constantly looking for new and improved methods? It is easy to think we need to try something new or fresh when we get stuck. Yet God may be calling us to get back to the basics: to wholeheartedly trust in him. If we can trust that God created each of us—giving us life and breath as well as personalities, emotions, and unique gifts—we should certainly be able to trust him to continue providing for us.