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The Kindness of God

by: Myrna Folkert

“Be kinder than necessary, because everyone is fighting some kind of battle.” It’s debated who originally offered this advice, but it’s good advice, because everyone has issues to face. Acquaintances mask their problems well, and we know nothing about the hurts or fears of strangers. Even good friends may hide their deepest pain.

Ever have someone pass you on the road, wildly blowing their horn, when you’re already going the speed limit? It’s aggravating. How rude, we think. But we have no idea what that driver’s day looks like. A phone call from a family member about a tragic event or being told, “You’re fired” may be causing the erratic behavior. Or, maybe it’s just rudeness!

Try this: instead of making an assumption about a person’s motives, pray for the person acting out. We only see negative outward actions and not the heart. We need to show grace to other people instead of judging them, especially when we don’t even know them. It takes much prayer for patience and self-control to be kind. Yet if you respond to people in a positive way when they are inconsiderate, it may make them reconsider their actions. After all, wasn’t it God’s kindness that led us to repentance (Rom. 2:4)?

These verses in Ephesians remind us to speak truth, share, and be kind to others. Because God gives us mercy and grace every day, let’s make every effort to extend this kindness even when others don’t appreciate it.