Words of Hope

Good News. No Boundaries

An All-Wet Good Sam

by: Chic Broersma

A friend of mine had fishing on his mind as he drove along Tampa Bay. Bob noticed a fisherman wading in the water near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Just beyond the fisherman a car trunk stuck up out of the water. Shortly the car disappeared. “What happened to the car?” Bob asked the nearby fisherman. He said, “Oh, I guess someone wanted to commit suicide and just drove in.” Bob asked, “You mean there is still someone in the car?” The fisherman answered, “Yeah. I guess so.”

Bob told me, “I could not let someone just die inside that car.” He waded into the water until he felt the roof of the car. He dove down and found the driver’s side window open. As he reached in, a pair of hands grabbed his. Bob let go for a moment, quickly going up for more air. He saw another man had entered the water to help. The fellow rescuer was a police officer, alerted by the bridge management. He and Bob pulled an 85-year-old woman out of the window and onto shore. The elderly woman had survived the dark waters by finding an air pocket under the dashboard of her car. Except for being in shock, she was fine thanks to the compassionate heart and courage of a modern-day Good Samaritan, an ordinary fellow who turned aside from his own plans to save another in need.