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Good News. No Boundaries

Life Under God

One lesson we can learn from this passage is that God is interested in every area of our lives. There is a tendency today to restrict God to our private lives and to say that in our pluralistic society, public life is to be governed by humanistic principles. A governor will say, “I am personally opposed to abortion, but that has nothing to do with the laws which I favor.” No, Jesus Christ is to be Lord of all.

Many of the laws in this passage do not apply to us but from them we can still glean principles we can use today. The person who gives himself or herself to a life of Christian ministry is to be provided for by the church (18:1ff.). We are not to try to be like those around us who are not Christians (18:9ff.). We are to discern between those who are God’s spokesmen and those who are not, and we are to obey the word God gives us through those whom He has chosen (18:15ff.). We are to have laws which will properly punish those who take the life of another human being (19:1ff.). We are to guard property rights (19:14). Our system of justice must be administered with great care (19:15ff.). We are not to be afraid of our enemies (20:1ff.). Children are to be obedient to their parents (21:18ff.).

The New Testament applies the final verse in the passage (21:23) to Jesus’ crucifixion for us.