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The Prophet and the King

Elijah the prophet was “a man of like nature with ourselves” says James. At this point he experiences the modern phenomenon of “burnout.” He had been so brave, but now the threat of Jezebel sends him running. The story shows that God knew he needed rest and food. We must put the spiritual first, yet always realize we are human beings who have physical limitations. Most people do not work hard enough for the Lord, but some forget that they need a balance between work and play.

Elijah, at this point, is also suffering from self-pity. He thinks he is the only one who is faithful, but God reveals that there are 7,000 beside him.

Ahab the king is attacked by Syria. He is a foolish man, but he shows real wisdom when he says to his opponent, “Let not him that girds on his armor boast himself as he that puts it off” (20:11). No matter how mature we become as Christians, we must not forget that pride goes before a fall. Peter boasted vehemently that he would not deny his Lord, but he did.

When Ahab asks the Lord, “Who shall begin the battle?” he gets the answer, “You” (20:14). Whenever you think of something that needs to be done for the Lord, begin by asking yourself if you are not the one God wants to use to get it done.