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A Victory and a Defeat

When David’s little army returned to their home base, Ziklag, they found the Amalekites had burned it to the ground and taken all they had, including their wives and children. David was deeply troubled but we read that he “strengthened himself in the Lord his God” (30:6). What an example to us! When difficulties come, let us find our strength to cope with them in God. Let us nurture our relationship with Him now, so that when the time of trouble comes God will not be a stranger.

Again, David consults God through the priest to find out what he should do. Receiving guidance, he pursues the enemy and regains all that had been lost. Trusting in God, David goes from victory to victory.

Not so with Saul. He and his army meet the Philistines at Mount Gilboa and are badly defeated. Seriously wounded, Saul commits suicide. His sons, including Jonathan, are killed. Having rebelled against God, Saul goes from one defeat to another.

We are confronted with the choice of being like David or like Saul. We are constantly tempted to be like Saul, trying to run our own lives for our own glory. This is the road to defeat. God calls us to be like David, a frail human sinner, but constantly seeking God’s will and constantly seeking God’s help in doing His will. This is the road to victory.