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Living as God’s Children

This passage begins with the words, “You are sons of the Lord your God.” Following this there are a number of things which they are to do and are not to do. If we are children of God, this calls for a certain life-style. Like father, like son. Being made in God’s image, we are to reflect God’s nature in daily living. Salvation can be thought of in terms of the restoration of the image of God in us.

Because the Israelites were God’s children, there were certain things they were not to eat. In a primitive society, some of these rules served hygienic purposes. We can be thankful that in the New Testament era there are not dietary regulations. But there are still “don’ts,” for Jesus says that although it doesn’t matter what goes in your mouth, it matters a great deal what comes out.

You are children of God; you should tithe (14:2ff.). The New Testament also teaches proportionate giving. When we consider the marvel of grace in Christ and the tremendous missionary opportunities today, we should gladly give more than 10% of the abundance that God has given us.

There were also provisions made to help the poor help themselves (Deut. 15). Christian principles are to be applied to the life of our society. Creative ways must be found to help the poor.