Words of Hope

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Getting Attention

We must never seek to draw attention to ourselves. John the Baptist is our example here. He pointed away from himself to Christ. But God wants us to draw attention to the message he has given us. It is so important that people listen, that sometimes extreme means must be taken.

Ezekiel is commanded to exhibit some strange behavior so that the Jews in Babylon will realize that their complacent attitude in thinking that soon the exile will be over may be removed. Ezekiel is to make a crude model of Jerusalem, showing it under a long siege. He is to eat bread and water baked by the kind of fuel that will make it ritually unclean to make vivid the terrible famine in Jerusalem which will occur as a result of the siege. He is to shave off his hair, burn part of it, strike part of it with a sword and blow the rest away to show the varied tragic fates which will befall the inhabitants of Jerusalem.

Then Ezekiel is to prophecy against the mountains of Israel where the people had built idols to false gods, which was the cause of this terrible suffering. Because of all this sin will come “Disaster after disaster!” (7:5). The purpose of all of this is “They shall know that I am the LORD” (v. 27). Because God loves people, he will get their attention so they may hear the message to repent.