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Connecting to the Local Church
Connecting to the Local Church Niger is poor. This poverty brings not only sickness and death, but a paralyzing sense of helplessness. However, Words of Hope producer Pastor Sani Nomaou is also the current President of the EERN (The Evangelical Church of the Republic of Niger). In this dual role he is well-placed to change hearts and change Niger. In every place we work, we partner with local churches and denominations because these communities offer support, encouragement, and have the direct contact with listeners that we cannot. Read More
Using Media to Spread the Gospel
Using Media to Spread the Gospel In much of the Middle East, visiting a church or speaking to a Christian could be life-threatening. But to protect those curious about Christ, Words of Hope's Arabic broadcast team allows listeners to contact them via text message sent from a cell phone. They offer an easy, private and safe way to communicate. We use media such as radio, websites, Facebook, and other technology to share the gospel. This method allows us to reach into restricted areas and allows listeners to respond in security. Read More
Building the Church in the Hard Places
Building the Church in the Hard Places Iran is not an easy place to be a Christian. When S. lived there, he was arrested and whipped because of his faith. He was able to flee the country and come to the United States. He hopes to attend Bible College and one day return to his family and country to continue to share the gospel. We work in places like Iran because we are committed to working in places where Christians are few in number, poor, culturally oppressed, or even persecuted. We are committed to the "hard places." Read More
Ministering to the Whole Person
Ministering to the Whole Person Luo producer Susan Olwa received a phone call saying, “My wife has delivered a baby, but there is no milk yet. What do we do?” Susan then advised this couple on what to do and the baby was able to feed. Some radio producers might think this outside their job description, but Susan knows it is all part of sharing the gospel. We are committed to bringing a gospel that is addressed to the whole person: body and soul. For the gospel to be relevant it has to speak to our humanity and our spiritual nature.  Read More
Working Together
Working Together In India, the Dogri speaking people work hard to earn their livelihood. Consequently there is little time for anything else. Because of its portability, radio remains the number one form of entertainment in rural areas. Most villagers carry a radio around with them. Our Dogri ministry exemplifies our commitment to work in partnerships. We partner with local organizations to create programs in local languages. We also work with other international organizations who share our ministry philosophy. In the Dogri language we partner with Back to God Ministries International and GBET. Read More

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Stories from the Field

Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes

A year and a half after churches in Niger were looted and burned by radical Muslims, congregations are growing, and bonds of forgiveness are forging new friendships in Christ.

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Holistic Outreach

Holistic Outreach

Words of Hope’s satellite ministry center in Lohardaga, India, is reaching both the spiritual and practical needs of the local people.

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